Renouf Mediation

Renouf Mediation

Meet Terry Renouf

As partner, managing and senior partner and then as consultant I have undertaken a career in dispute resolution from qualification. I set up BLM’s Policy Unit and as a consultant for BLM had responsibility for managing BLM’s RED campaigns which considered the standout policy issues for clients. This included extensive work on the Insurance Act 2015 and associated coverage issues for which we were awarded Insurance Law Firm of the Year.

Changes to civil process continue with ADR / mediation at the heart of the "Online Court" recommended by Lord Justice Briggs and within the Intermediate Track of disputes up to £100,000 outlined by Lord Justice Jackson. I have continued to be part of this dialogue ensuring that clients can influence and plan for any reform.

In 2018 I spoke to many of our clients and prepared the firm’s response to the Civil Justice Council’s ADR Consultation which reports in the summer.  

I also managed the firm’s relationship with a number of member organisations including Airmic and the Managing General Agents Association and now sit on the Conduct and Ethics Committee of the latter.

I am a Panel Mediator for CEDR.

Why Renouf?

Litigation is on no-one’s “bucket list”; it places demands on business and commerce and on the lives of those involved in it whether as parties or witnesses. My experience as both managing and senior partner of one of the UK’s leading litigation practices and one of the few (perhaps only) solicitors in the UK to be afforded the accolade of “senior statesman” by Chambers and Partners means that I bring a unique set of skills and experience to the mediation market place. My career has included handling cases, managing client relationships and staff but also with the broader experience of running and leading a business. Dispute resolution and litigation can provide finality for the client but is often neither efficient nor cost effective. I offer my services as a mediator to your clients as I believe that the mediation process and my experience can offer better solutions to parties involved in disputes, sooner.


  • 1987 – Solicitor, BLM
  • 2000 – Managing partner, BLM
  • 2006 – Senior Partner, BLM
  • 2012/13 – Managing Partner, BLM
  • 2013 -  Partner with responsibility for BLM’s RED campaigns
  • 2014 - "Senior Statesman" , Chambers and Partners 
  • 2016 - Consultant
  • 2016 - Renouf Mediation Limited incorporated
  • 2017 – Accredited CEDR Mediator
  • 2017 - Civil Mediation Council Registered Mediator
  • 2018 - MGAA Conduct and Ethics Committee
  • 2018 - End of BLM Consultancy
  • 2018 - Community Mediator for Mid Surrey Mediation Service
  • 2019 - CEDR Panel Mediator
  • 2020 - Director / Trustee of Employment and Training Trust of CII
  • 2020 - Director, Civil Mediation Council
  • 2020 - NHS Resolution Panel Mediator



14 Sep 2020

New Legal Year: new mediation options

Five cases supporting mediation and anticipated changes to CPR mean that there are options for parties that cannot be ignored.

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